Friday, January 11, 2013

Snowflake Semiformal Time...

Hey everyone!

VITA has had such a successful first semester, with so many new additions and old friends taking part in all of our socials and faith sharing groups! It was a time of change, as we said goodbye to one of our amazing LINK leader's, Maura, and Wings and Worship leader, Katie, as they leave for abroad next semester and welcomed a new LINK leader, Kelly.

Of course one of VITA's biggest events, the annual Snowflake Semiformal, was another success! We had so many people come dance the night away in their beautiful dresses and handsome suits, eat some delicious food (chocolate fountain, white chocolate peppermint pretzels, quiches- what's not to like!?) and just have a wonderful time together :)

VITA Team 2012-13 :)

Hopefully, this spring semester is as successful as the fall!

-Alex :)

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