Sunday, August 25, 2013

Meet the Team! VITA 2013-14

Hi everyone!
We are so excited to be welcoming the Class of 2017 to campus! We wanted to update you on our team members, so that you'll get to know us if you're interested in VITA events and make it easier for getting in touch with us! A reminder that our Welcome Back Ice Cream Social will be on
Wednesday, August 28th at 8pm in the Upper Room!

Alexandra (Alex) Byrne '14
Mamaroneck, NY
Psychology Major, History Religious Studies double minor
Activities on Campus: MOVE, Blogger and Tour Guide for Founders Society, Science Club, LEAP, Emmaus, Her Campus, VITA
VITA Program I run: LINK
Fun Fact: I am overly enthusiastic and am everyone's biggest fan.
Looking Forward to: Meeting and welcoming the new students and having a great start to the the year with VITA!

Katelyn Whitman ’14
Meriden, CT
History/Theatre Major, Religious Studies, Classical Civilizations, and Medieval Studies Minors VITA Team Leader – Dessert and the Divine
Drama Club Vice President, LEAP, MOVE Extended Service, Founders Society – Blogger and Tour Guide, IT Helpdesk Team Leader
Fun Fact: I'm in love with anything disney/pixar, especially Tangled!
Looking Forward to: welcoming everyone to SMC and getting lots of people involved!

Emily Clegg `16 
Weymouth, MA
English Major, Creative Writing Minor
VITA Program I run: Dessert and the Divine
Drama Club, Improv, LEAP, Founders Society- Blogger and Tour Guide
Fun Fact: I own over 100 bottles of nail polish!
I'm looking forward to: leading Dessert and the Divine because it combines my two favorite things: baking food for my friends and VITA!

Maura Grogan '14
Fords, NJ
Activities: VITA, Celtic Knights, MOVE Program
VITA Program I run: Socials
Fun Fact: I'm accident prone, I'm a wiz at names- I can usually remember your name after meeting you once, I love peanut butter/ chocolate anything, I studied abroad in Wales, I'm a Girl Scout
Looking Forward to: Basically everything! The VITA picnic, Semi-Formal, hanging out with my friends, just being at St. Mike's!

Kelly Ainsworth, '15
Meredith, NH
Psychology Major, Religious Studies Minor
VITA Program I run: LINK
Drama Club, Chorale, Lit. Choir, A capella, Common Ground, Emmaus Team Leader
Fun fact: My cat's name is Beyonce. Hollaaaaa.
Looking Forward to: I am so excited to lead the Emmaus retreat this year for students who need a reflective weekend away! It was rejuvinating to attend Emmaus as a sophomore and getting to lead it will be just as fulfilling I am also looking forward to the SMC Drama Club's production of Godspell!

Timothy Nagy '15
Amherst, MA
Business Administration and Religious Studies Major, Classics Minor
VITA Program I run:- Connections
Class Treasurer, Emmaus Team Leader, Mike Check, Sleepless Knights, Chorale, Liturgical Choir, LEAP, Lector
Fun fact: I pronouce my last name differently than everyone else in my family.
Looking forward to: concluding my summer research project regarding the influence of religious affiliation on decision making. Also, I am excited to lead Connections and to help others see how Scripture is a great guide to live by

Colleen Knowles '16
Proctor, VT
Philosophy Major
VITA Program I run: Socials
Drama Club, Common Ground, Emmaus Team Leader, Improv Group
Fun Fact: I am a published poet and writing a screenplay.
Looking forward to: being on the Emmaus team this semester and meeting all of the new VITA members.

Lauren Loy '15
Port Jefferson Station, NY
Biology Major
VITA Program I run: Socials
Mass Coordinator, Science Club, Celtic Knights, Tour Guide for Founders Society, Tri-Beta, Bio TA
Fun Fact: I'm addicted to chocolate (I had withdrawal symptoms when I gave it up for Lent) I also get really excited when it snows.
Looking forward to: I'm studying abroad in Ireland in the fall, but I'm so excited to meet all of the new VITA members this spring!

Katie McNally '14

Dedham, MA
VITA Program I run: Connections
Women's Rugby, Celtic Knights, VITA
Fun Fact: I've never broken a bone
Looking forward to: Crashing the O-Dance, playing rugby, living in the townhouses,turning 21, making my last year at SMC the best!

Lauren Murphy '15
Bronx, NY
VITA Program I run: LINK
O-Leader, Blogger for Founders Society, Her Campus, DREAM mentor in MOVE
Fun Fact: Alex and I went to sister schools run by the same order of nuns!
Looking Forward to: Pounding it (Lauren's signature) with all the new students and being an O-Leader!

Friday, January 11, 2013

Snowflake Semiformal Time...

Hey everyone!

VITA has had such a successful first semester, with so many new additions and old friends taking part in all of our socials and faith sharing groups! It was a time of change, as we said goodbye to one of our amazing LINK leader's, Maura, and Wings and Worship leader, Katie, as they leave for abroad next semester and welcomed a new LINK leader, Kelly.

Of course one of VITA's biggest events, the annual Snowflake Semiformal, was another success! We had so many people come dance the night away in their beautiful dresses and handsome suits, eat some delicious food (chocolate fountain, white chocolate peppermint pretzels, quiches- what's not to like!?) and just have a wonderful time together :)

VITA Team 2012-13 :)

Hopefully, this spring semester is as successful as the fall!

-Alex :)